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Press Kit


Wet Future hails from the Canadian west-coast, yet their tantalizing music compares to the excitement from Brooklyn blues bands or LA punk-rock scenes. This high octane alt-rock group consistently delivers the goods with a wildly sinister live-stage presence and an emphasis on creating a massive, raw sound that fans of many genres can get behind. Combining brutally honest lyrics with driving melodies, the group is looking for attention from their recently released full length album titled “Under The Weather”. 
 Under the weather is a window into the triumphant yet vulnerable spaces that Wet Future creates for its audiences. A start to finish listen is a satisfying journey through a roller coaster of emotions that, when blended together, feels like a perfect mix of both familiar and fresh sounds.


Stage Plot:

Highlighted Music:

Mona LisaWet Future
Toughen UpWet Future
NothingWet Future
Crooked JudgeWet Future
DopamineWet Future
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